Fiona Grant Christmas Series



Bridget Rose is used to being teased by her friends Myra and Eimhir about being a dreamer, “waiting for her brave knight”. But Bridget knows that the right man is out there somewhere.

What she isn’t expecting is to see him in the courtyard of Chieftain Urqhart’s castle when they all congregate there for Christmastide in the Highlands. Why is it that she feels she knows him?

Her friends are shocked by her actions, but Bridget is determined to get to know the handsome, smiling Alec Stewart.

She throws herself into the fun of the season, but her heart is in her mouth: is this real? Will Alec feel the same way about her as she does about him? 



Myra Munro is devastated beyond words when her twin, Jaime, is killed in the service of the King. Her parents, strong in their grief, urge her to celebrate her brother’s memory and nurse his best friend Ewan back to health.

Ewan needs time and space while recovering from his injuries. Suffering himself, he understands that Myra is numbed with grief, but on his long road back to health, Ewan finds that Jaime’s twin is the one bright light in his world. He cannot deny his feelings for her.

Ewan also has a secret: a sacred trust. While dying on the battlefield, Jaime gave Ewan a Christmas gift he has been carrying with him to give to his beloved twin sister. But just as Ewan finds the right time to speak with her about it, they find themselves in mortal danger…



Eimhir Mackenzie has never been a biddable lass. Her mother thinks of her as a wild thing, and is pleased that she will be finally off her hands and wed to a future Chieftain, Angus Gordon.

But Eimhir has a secret. When she slips away from the castle for a few hours of freedom before agreeing to accept Angus Gordon as her husband, she meets a man who promises her the kind of life she has dreamed of: adventure, excitement, and freedom.

Liall Gunn is a free spirit, a seaman who has decided that his future lies with the same tumultuous seas that have always beckoned to Eimhir. He makes her a promise: that he will be back by Christmastide to claim her as his.

But life moves on, and her father has promised her to Angus Gordon. If Liall cannot make it back by Christmastide, Eimhir’s dreams of freedom and love will come to naught.